I am back from Leeds Festival. In fact, I got back on Monday but I was too tired to write a post. My humblest apologies go to the three people who read the comic.

Actually, I don’t mind having a small audience since it’s early days and the site isn’t quite ready yet. Once there’s a big enough archive for new-comers to be able to get into the Fourth Floor groove, I will post ad banners on other sites and plug the strip wherever I can. In the meantime you can do your part by telling all your friends about the strip and shamelessly plugging the site yourself.

Anyway, Leeds Festival was amazing. Highlights included Queens of the Stone Age, The Killers and the Foo Fighters. Goldie Lookin’ Chain were very funny. There were some very good bands I’d never heard of before, such as The Others, Dropkick Murphys, All-American Rejects and Do Me Bad Things.

I recently saw Kung Fu Hustle at long last. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must. It’s not as crap as the trailers suggested. It’s actually a clever and likeable film that combines spoof comedy equal if not superior to Airplane and fight scenes and CG effects to rival The Matrix. Not the shit sequels, the first one.

By the way, I’ve uploaded the entire buffer of strips onto the automatic update system, so there will never again be another late update… that’s my fault… until mid-October.