He-e-e-e-ey, did anyone else know it was Saturday today? Like Del Amitri I was the last to know. I mean, I was working last night on the latest strip but even as I saved it as the update for the 8th of September I didn’t realise at the time it was the 7th. Actually, it was past midnight so it was the 8th. I finished the comic on the day it was due to update and didn’t even realise.

Which should I be more worried about, that I have made it my business to deliver two comics a week for the past five or six months and I still don’t know it when my deadline arrives or that I’ve been doing this so long I deliver on time automatically? I mean, I could just as easily have gone to bed last night and, thinking I had more time, finished the comic the next morning. But something told me — go on, stay up and finish it. Was that something responsibility? Goose-bumps!

Can we talk a little about ‘She Wants to Move’ by N.E.R.D.? With a name like that, you’d expect them to sing songs about computers and the science behind time travel, but it actually stands for “No-one ever really dies” so of course they sing about butts.

Yes, this is the song that includes — dare I say COINS — the phrase “Her ass is a spaceship I want to ride”. In case that wasn’t already a confusing enough visual, the whole music video takes place inside that very spaceship, an elaborately-designed H.R. Giger affair furnished with metallic corridors, cockpit, rotating dancefloor and piano. Because you don’t leave spaceport without your piano.

Yeah, it’s surreal. The music video also features the members of N.E.R.D. (fronted by a young Pharrell Williams) as bright red floating heads. I guess they’re on the ass-ship too? Or they’re beings of pure energy attacking the ship?

The song has nothing to do with space travel, it’s actually about a girl who wants to dance around, and whom the viewpoint character finds very attractive, but the girl’s boyfriend is preventing it.

“You’re hogging her, you’re guarding her — beat it.”

They actually say “beat it”. Who wrote this song, Biff Tannen?

Dude, leave the poor girl alone. She has a boyfriend. Most people take that as an indication that they should find someone else to dance with, not as a challenge.

And telling the boyfriend to get lost is not doing you any favours either, NERD. It’s one step away from writing a song about how much you like lunch money and how easy it is to steal from kids, or a song about kicking down people’s sandcastles that they worked really hard on. I’m going to sympathise with the victim here.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this. After all, it’s just dancing. It could be perfectly innocent. Maybe this boyfriend guy is being jealous and controlling. It’s not like NERD said anything about having sex with this woman—oh wait, I forgot, they explicitly say they want to ride her ass like the spaceship it is. Maybe don’t invite someone to dance with the woman you love after they say that. Maybe talk to a bouncer about ejecting them from the club.

Or blowing them out the airlock, I guess? That would be a great visual, given that this ship is shaped like a butt.