Looks like the fish are not biting today. Maybe if we just assume they’re bad fish and tell them they’re going to burn forever in eternal torment, they’ll be guilted into biting.

Listen, I’m not out to insult anyone or hurt anybody’s feelings. I’m just a firm believer in politeness. More than a believer, it’s in my DNA. Yelling at strangers in the street? Not polite. Making unfair assumptions about people’s personal level of damnation? Not polite.

I suppose the real assumption is that the people they’re yelling at must be bad people, otherwise they’d be right along side them yelling at the bad people too.

How to Art

Art-wise, what really makes the difference between this strip and the earlier stuff I used to draw is reference. Google Image is your friend. Looking up photos of lakes, streets, parks and pigeons and drawing what you find. It makes everything so much easier it feels like cheating.

It feels so much like cheating, in fact, that I used to actively avoid Googling reference material even though I knew it would help. But it’s okay, everybody does it.

I might have leaned a little too heavily on the reference in that last panel there. I’m not sure if it looks cartoony enough. It sure does look pretty though. Something to think about for next time, I suppose.