The new comic is up. Don’t let the stream of daily comics that preceded it fool you, the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule begins today.

Today is not just Odin’s day but also my brother’s day, as he is now celebrating sixteen years of living. Happy Birthday, Matthew! I’m sorry I didn’t make you a special birthday strip or anything like that but I had no idea that the launch of the site would coincide with the anniversary of your birth in this way. Still, I got you a card. I’ll do something special next year.

Speaking of something special, I’m escaping England this week so this could well be my last post. However, due to the charming auto-update feature of Comic Genesis (nee Keenspace), the comics will continue to appear. The next one will be Friday. When I get back, the comic’s first storyline will begin. It will be an exciting time for everyone. And by everyone I mean myself and my sixteen-year-old brother. Please, if there are any fans out there please send me an e-mail. I still feel I’m working into a vacuum here.

Anyway, I had fun this week trying to trick the Keenspace – sorry, Comic Genesis site administration tools into making my comic appear. There are still a couple of broken links here and there. I’m no scientist but I think these errors are caused by ghosts. Spooky ghosts.

I have now made the site exist and keep existing. My life-long dream has been realised. I’m just settling into things, pottering about, updating pages. The F.A.Q. page now has a real question in it as well. I think.