I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see that a new comic is available to delight you.

I am back from France, so the window of opportunity for breaking into my house has closed. We spent a week there, during which we went to the zoo and my sister stroked an ibis. A great holiday all round.

The strips you have seen are still rather introductory in their nature. If you read them and the cast page, you should be ready for the first real storyline of the strip. It’s quite long but with so few readers, I can afford to spend ages on one story which will be read in a few minutes in the archives. You fellows already reading will love it too, I’m sure. And I love you – as a token of my love, I shall fix the wallpapers page.

“What about the worms? They’re eyeing up your car – yeah! ‘How can a worm drive a car?’ you say. Two on the pedals, two on the wheel, one on the A to Z. It could happen!”

Billy Bailey, Insect Nation