Hello, loyal subjects. I’ve added my old news posts to the archives. Don’t ask me why some of the strips are doubling up because I have no answer for you. Also, today’s comic doesn’t seem to be accessible via conventional means. If you click the link on the homepage it will take you there but it seems to me that Comic Genesis has decided that if you click the ‘next’ button, you should be taken to the homepage if the next date in the archives corresponds with that day’s date. So, the ‘next’ button is now doing the same thing as the ‘today’s comic’ button. Comic Genesis is operating on the assumption that the latest comic is going to be posted on the homepage. This is not the case. There is no comic on the homepage. I decided not to keep the blog posts and the comics on the same page because my comics take up so much space that by the time the reader has scrolled down to the news post they will have lost the will to live, let alone read.

When I made that decision I didn’t know that the Comic Genesis archive system would just assume I hadn’t made it and screw up my comic’s navigation. They have left me no quarter: I’m going to have to start posting comics on the homepage. It doesn’t matter. I’ll make them pay. They will all pay…


12:07, 6th May 2013

Okay, in retrospect the decision to exclude the comic from the homepage was not a good one. Nevertheless, Comic Genesis should at least have given me the option to make my website behave as I wanted it to behave.