Okay, people, here’s the deal. Three weeks ago my monitor broke. Something with the pigmentation has burnt out so that everything has a yellow tinge. White shows up as beige, pink as orange, orange as brown, blue as… some sort of weird green colour, blue as a headache-inducing cyan and black as a dirty brown. Red is still red for some reason.

At first it’s awful, then your eyes get used to it, then it gives you a splitting headache. I can’t work under these conditions. I’m sorry, I’d like to update more but I just can’t work on a comic when looking at the screen gives me eye strain. It’s not so bad when I’m writing because I can type without looking at either the screen or the keyboard these days but working on the comic requires my undivided attention. With a fully operational screen I still get eye strain after a few hours so compared to that this yellow screen is a nightmare.

 The worse news is that I can’t afford to get a new monitor for at least the next few months. I’m going to try updating about once a week in the meantime and we’ll see how things stand after that. If you have any technical tips, please e-mail. The link’s just there on the left.

I know updates have been sporadic recently but I used up a huge buffer that took me the best part of a year to make in two months because I was impatient to get the exposition and set-up out of the way. I think I’ve done that but now I can’t maintain the same schedule as before with the same level of quality. Ultimately, deadlines come and go but the archives will be here forever. I don’t want to give you guys anything but my best effort (because, believe it or not, the quality of my art can get worse). Don’t worry — I’m in this for the long slog and as my situation changes from year to year, so will the schedule. Right now, my situation demands a weekly update schedule and a new screen. I can only apologise for creating the expectation of a tri-weekly comic.

Ow. Every time I look away from the screen, the world turns purple.

Must stop, now… eyes bleeding…