I’m glad I started with such an ambitious first storyline, even though it led to a five-month hiatus. However, when I had the idea that the personality of the toaster would assert itself over that of the holograms, and that this would be represented by the same tangle of wires appearing, I had no idea that it would lead to this much work. I promised myself that I wouldn’t back away from an idea even if I didn’t know how I would realise it in the comic because I would be cheating you guys out of the best my imagination has to offer (even if that isn’t saying a lot).

Let’s talk shop for a second. I gave an estimate last time of one comic every 10 days. Even with full shading and hideous wire monsters, this one took me only 13 days to finish. That’s not bad going in my opinion, especially if you consider the fact that I have to share this computer with other people. More to come as soon as possible but I’ll be running the late shift at work which means three days of absolutely no work on the comic at all, guaranteed. Work starts on the next instalment on Friday. I’m also making a progress bar so you can see what stage we’re at.