I remember giving my brother a shout out last year when the comic was only four days old. It doesn’t really seem like that long ago. I can’t believe I’m still doing this. Happy Birthday, bro. My brother turns 17 today, everybody, which makes me feel old. He’s my best and oldest friend and he is without a doubt the biggest fan of Life on the Fourth Floor. He’s seen the comic through from its conception, from the first ever strip to the one I posted today. I consult him for every creative decision, run storylines by him and show him every strip. If he thinks it’s funny, it goes on the site. If he doesn’t, I argue with him. So, he’s practically co-written the strip with me. In fact, he actually wrote this strip. Remind me to credit him for that on the page.

You, too, could write a Life on the Fourth Floor episode as part of our fan fiction contest (details to the immediate right). It can be one-strip long or an entire storyline. Right now there have been no entries so, assuming that trend continues, if you submit something you’re guaranteed to win the competition.*

Yeah, by the way. The new comic is up. It’s extra-long and has wires AND has action so the fact that I got it up in twelve days (from scratch) is record time. It’ll have to last you until after I’ve moved house so don’t eat it all at once. And the new computer is here — from now on all strips will be made from there. This will be, of course, after the move on Tuesday.

Do not despair, however, for I will add new news posts as often as possible, the progress bar will continue its shimmering dance before your eyes and e-mail and the Ask the Cast features will continue throughout so get typing!

*Not a guarantee.