I don’t know when I will be able to deliver this message but at the time of writing the time is five minutes past eleven on the fourth of August. The move has gone well, but some of the men are wounded and we have no idea when supplies will arrive. We might go shopping tomorrow, it’s too early to tell. We were forced to evacuate after our base was invaded by three men with a large van — they completely overpowered us. We have established a new base but it is much more remote — nearest Starbucks is approximately an hour away. There are boxes everywhere.

I don’t know how much longer I will be able to survive without an internet connection. Already I can feel my strength leaving me. I can only pray that help will arrive soon but without any means of communicating with the outside world, these sentiments will only be read if we do indeed receive such aid. Work is continuing steadily on the new comic but there has been a blow to the war effort — I have been unsuccessful thus far in my attempts to locate the software disc with which to install the scanner on my new laptop. I attempted to think the images from the page into the computer but the operation was unsuccessful. I will work as much as I can with these limited resources, even if it means working ahead on future strips and then finishing on the next one within a week or so. The idea of having a buffer again after all this time is enough to give the men a boost in morale but there is no way of telling if it will last.

If you are reading this now, send help as soon as possible! We’re dying here — the DVD’s are in the garage somewhere, we have no e-mail, no broadband, only one telephone! A cat ate our carrier pigeon! Help!