Okay, I’ve left you dangling on the hook without a news post for long enough, it’s time to put you out of your misery. I have arrived safe and well at the University of Leeds. It is amazing here, it feels good to finally be able to say I don’t live with my parents and I have made lots of cool new friends. I’ve also managed to pick up the bizarre new nickname of ‘Big D’. It’s a long story how I was thus Christened but rest assured I did not make it up myself. At first I was rather embarrassed because there is no way I am cool enough to pull off a nickname like Big D but then attractive women I had never met were all like “Oh my God you’re Big D? The Big D?” and I asked myself who was I to hold back the tide.

Anyway, now the madness and leaden hangovers of Freshers’ Week are over, I’m going to attend my first seminars and lectures today, try to get organised and see how much free time my new timetable and lifestyle affords me. I’ve got to settle into a brand new groove here, you know?

What does this mean for you, the reader? It means the next update won’t be on its way for a while. Not just because I’m buried under a big mountain of books, either, but also because the next strip will be the most awesomely epic strip I have ever made. You thought the last one was cool, with the big bad-ass toaster? For this next strip, I’m pulling out all the stops. We’re talking special effects, fights, comedy, celebrity cameos, nudity — everything. 14 panels of mayhem. This will indeed be awesome but it will take five times as long as it normally takes me to make one strip so be prepared for a brief spell of radio silence.

In the meantime, check out Fortune’s Fools! This comic is really well-drawn and witty. The German accent might be a bit dodgy at times but maybe that’s the point. Seriously, you guys should check it out. Tell them Big D sent you.