Sorry about the radio silence, guys. Here’s the skinny — I’ve been given two essays and two weeks (including this week) to do them in. Considering I’ve only been doing my course for a few of weeks, having to write a paragraph about any of this stuff is going to bite me in the ass, let alone an entire essay. But two essays? Oh, yeah, and I’ve also got to finish reading a book and an essay by Tuesday and finish reading five chapters of an encyclopaedia by Monday. And if you stick a broom up my ass I’ll sweep the floor, too.

So, I’ve got a lot on my plate this week. This leaves little time for the comic, I’m afraid. It’s just one of those things. But give me a break, this is my first month doing a completely new thing I’ve never done before, meeting new people, working harder than I’ve ever had to before and, y’know, adjusting. Like I said before, both myself and the comic are in a state of flux. But don’t go away and don’t think I’m going anywhere. Once this storyline is out of the way and I’ve got settled in, we can all find out how many normal, continuity-free, gag-a-day strips I can churn out in a month. Cool things lie ahead, just have patience and wait for the storm to pass.

You can pass the time by writing me or any members of the cast an e-mail to post on the site. Or, if you don’t want it posting on the site, I’ll just reply. I may not have the time to finish the strip but I can sure as hell chat for a few minutes. A little encouragement might make that next update come all the sooner.

More updates as and when.