Hey boys and girls. Hope you all liked the Christmas filler-art. That should tide everyone over nicely until the next update, right? Of course it will.

Hey, don’t forget to vote for me and tell your friends.

I’ve decided to create a forum over on the CG forums. I know people read the strip. I’m not sure how many exactly but I know you’re out there. I’m certain I can express, as a percentage, how many of my readers e-mail me. It is and always has been 0%. At first that bothered me because every artist has a need for feedback and a need to be told that, as a direct result of his work, he is loved. Now I’ve just stopped worrying about it. Still, I want to give my readers as many channels of communication as possible, perhaps the chance to form a community, and to that end I am going to create a forum.

If anyone has anything to say to me you can still drop me an e-mail. Unless you are an African banker with a secret no-strings plan for us both to make 2 MILLION DOLLARS and an aversion to punctuation (an affliction which I am sure plagues every banker, African or otherwise).

Honestly, if I get that e-mail one more time I’m going to… get it three or four times after that.