Hey, if anyone disagrees with my rant they need look no further than the PVP forum for proof of exactly what I’m talking about. Basically, Scott Kurtz has made a strip parodying Ctrl+Alt+Delete‘s Winter-een-mas holiday and a couple of people have rebuked him — rebuked him — for making fun of another cartoonist. Not because it’s wrong but because it would cause ‘drama’, whatever the fuck that is.

Just to be clear: according to the internet, a man who makes fun of things for a living is not allowed to make fun of someone else who makes fun of things for a living.

This is exactly what I’m talking about! If you make a comic — if you make anything and, instead of sticking it in a draw somewhere, you put it up for everyone to see you open yourself up for criticism, mockery and ridicule as well as praise. Which means everyone should be working at a level that stands up to criticism. Honestly, I didn’t find Tim Buckley’s made-up holiday any more annoying than all of the other made up holidays until he did a strip about an evil corporation trying to steal it and commercialise it. I have nothing against buying loads of video games but remember you’re pumping loads of money into huge corporations. Everyone in America, it seems, has enough disposable income to know that they will inevitably buy at least one if not all of the new next-gen consoles. It seems consumerism is at the heart of the holiday already.

So, Kurtz thinks Buckley’s dropped the ball. Kurtz has every right to say so. Buckley has every right to criticise PVP. And, hopefully, everyone learns a lesson and improves. PVP continues to improve, Winter-een-mas 2008 is more sophisticated than in previous years. Is there anything wrong with that?

Isn’t that a situation in which everybody wins?

In other news, we have a forum. Hooray!