Hey, have you heard of that award-winning strip Dinosaur Comics? Didn’t they win a WCCA back in ’06? Well, guess who’s beating them on the Buzzcomix ranking! At time of writing,

Fourth Floor: 617

Dinosaur Comics: 645

We also beat Twisted Kaiju Theatre but I don’t know if they’ve won any awards so I don’t think that’s as cool. You know what? I don’t care if this is petty. I’m a tiny, ill-known comic and this feels good. Keep voting, everybody! If we get to number one I’ll draw your favourite cast member naked! That’s a promise. Of course, so far it seems your favourite character is Bob. Feel free to vote as you wish in the forum if you want that to change. Because you never know. With enough votes either way you could end up seeing Jack’s cartoon penis.

UPDATE: What have I done? This has all spiralled out of control! Fourth Floor is at 601 now and I have overtaken Rob and Elliot, my favourite strip! What is this madness? I am not worthy to touch the hem of their robes!


Friday 10th May 2013

I don’t know why I got so excited about Buzzcomix rankings. Then again, there were a lot of things I was excited about at 21 that I think are stupid and pointless now. It’s also worth noting that I was going through some personal stuff when this was written, which might go some way to explaining the manic tone and violent mood swings from sentence to sentence. Some of these old posts are difficult to read.