Okay, maybe you and I have different definitions of hiatus. I don’t see why I can’t still be on hiatus and keep updating the comic anyway. Seriously, I couldn’t go an entire year without updating and for the first update of the year to be in April is shameful.

Speaking of updates… it’s finished! Eight months after I started work on that one update, it’s finished. All those special effects, all those elements, all that shading… 14 panels. You’re getting 4 comics’ worth of stuff right there. So that’s the equivalent of one update every two months.

My honeymoon with Photoshop has officially ended. It’s pretty obvious at which point in the strip I discovered Photoshop. I’m proud of the shading work I’ve done on these past couple of strips. It was really just an experiment — an experiment conducted half-way through a storyline.

Sorry it all took so long guys; I wanted my first story arc to be perfect. I think it’s as near to perfect as I can get it. If you go back and read the archives I hope you can appreciate why I made the choices I made in terms of pacing and why I didn’t cut some of the longer strips up into shorter parts, even when it would have given me something to update. My policy is to end every page with a punch-line, no matter how many panels it takes to get there. After the hiatus is over updates should be much more frequent — so that would be twice a year.