What is this madness? Two updates in four days? I couldn’t help it. I’ve never finished a strip so quickly before and I had to prove to myself that I could just get shit done over that kind of timeframe. Think of it as an apology for the past eight months. But that’s it now β€” no more freebies. Don’t get excited β€” after this I’m going to try and get us on a weekly schedule, updating every Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Lots of reasons.

God, just as I think I’m out they pull me back in. I wasn’t just talking out of my ass when I said we were on hiatus over here at Fourth Floor. What happened was after eight months of not updating and radio silence since January I finally dropped the H-bomb and God damn it I felt so guilty for admitting that to myself that… I don’t know, something clicked. Then β€” click β€” the 14-panel finale was up. Then β€” click β€” strip 46 was finished.

What went wrong before? Well, I discovered Photoshop half-way through this storyline but as soon as I found awesome new techniques to get the strip done in half the time I got bogged down in high-detail work and shading, shading the storyline really deserved. You may notice a lack of shading in today’s offering. That’s fine, that’s normal. For epic adventures I’m going to use shading where it’s needed but that kind of style is hardly appropriate for light 4-panel gags.

What does the future hold? For me: three essay deadlines, one on the 24th, one on the 26th and a third on the 8th of May and not long after that a buttload of exams. For you guys: maybe a comic or two, maybe not. I hope for everything, I promise nothing. Come back here every Wednesday and see if Father Christmas has left something in your stocking. In the meantime you can vote for the strip if you care about that sort of thing or post in the forums if that’s your bag. Me, I’m going to start working on strip 47.