Hey, humans. Those of you who read these news posts (which I suppose is the six people reading this right now) should know that I have been having a horrible time with my internet connection as of late. Here at University I’m on a wireless network which has been really temperamental during the past week or so. Probably radiation reflected from one of Venus’ moons. Right now, for example, I just lost my connection as I was typing this very sentence. Oop, now it’s back. Nope, gone again.

What does this mean for you? Well, the comics can be queued up so updates will continue as scheduled. It hasn’t got to the stage where I’m going weeks without a solid internet connection (but who knows?). It does mean that whatever comments I might like to make about the strip will be delayed by a few days. Just in case, I’d like to make comments in advance on the strips I’ve completed so far.

Strip 48 β€” I hate the Black-Eyed Peas

Strip 49 β€”The image in the background isn’t a photo, I drew that. It took ages. No copyright breach there. And I didn’t draw jack’s fist in the second panel because I knew the speech bubble would cover it up. None of that painting the bottom of the cart crap for me, hands are hard.

Strip 50 β€” I promised myself I’d never do what I do in this comic. You’ll know when it comes around.

Strip 51 β€” I hope this one is as funny as I think it is

Strip 52 β€” I had a serious addiction to the cereal being eaten in this strip at the time that I drew it. Honey nut shredded wheat. I could eat a whole bowl full of that stuff by itself.

Strip 53 β€” I really hate the Black-Eyed Peas

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. Updates will continue, even if I have to come round to your house and show the pages to you in person. Don’t forget to vote! There’s a special voting surprise reward! The surprise is there is no reward! That’s what makes it so special!