I saw Spider-man 3 last weekend while my internet connection was broken. I have to say, I understand exactly why some people didn’t like it but I loved every second of that film. Everything in it was perfectly executed. You might not like the way it was put together but damn each one of those components was polished. Read the review over at Joe Loves Crappy Movies β€” I agree with his sentiments entirely with one exception (minor spoiler warning maybe?): the scene in which Peter struts was not out of place in the slightest. I wouldn’t even call it campy. Think about it. They built up the symbiote storyline in the trailers as being this melodramatic over-the-top big deal to the extent that I thought I would be able to predict every single beat of that plot. Then we get the strut sequence. I have to say, it was a delight and a surprise to be reminded that symbiote or none, Peter is still a dork. Even at his most powerful and over-confident he’s still Peter Parker. I loved it β€” it was hilarious and completely true to character.

In other news, I’ve fixed my internet connection. What was the problem? It was my toaster. When I think about the last storyline that seems pretty ironic. Here’s the deal β€” as you may know I’m a student. My whole world fits into one room. I have a kettle on my bedside table and a toaster on my desk. There’s just nowhere else to put them. It turns out, something about the toaster β€” the reflective metal perhaps β€” was interfering with my wireless connection. Crazy times. I didn’t figure out that my loss of connection coincided with moving my laptop on my desk and nearer the toaster. If I wasn’t using my desk to draw it would never have come up. So… it’s your fault.