Okay, I may be a little late updating the comic. I will get today’s comic finished today but it’s a matter of when. I had a big poetry exam yesterday and all those nights spent up late revising have left me exhausted and with the beginnings of a nasty cold. I’m going to try to nip this thing in the bud with plenty of lemsip and bedrest before I get seriously ill so Saturday’s comic is up in the air right now.

Not playing the sick card. I have another exam on the 22nd then I’m done for the year, so rest assured updates will continue and any dates missed will be caught up with. Doesn’t look like anything will go wrong yet but I’m just pre-empting it.

In other news, we’re doing great on Buzzcomix, hitting the dizzying heights of the low 700s. I’m really grateful to you guys for voting and helping me out, even though there’s no vote incentive besides doing a good deed. Keep up the good work — we make a great team. I love you guys.