I apologise for Comic Genesis’ server going down, preventing me from updating the comic when it was finished (some seven hours ago at time of writing). I apologise for the manic and annoying red-and-green-flashing ad banners assuring everyone (or everyone without epilepsy) that they have won. You haven’t won. I apologise that they called themselves Comic Genesis. I feel that after nearly two years Life on the Fourth Floor may have moved out of its Genesis and into the second chapter in the story of its development, a Comic Exodus if you will. These jokers seem unable to see any flaw in a URL ending with ‘.comicgenesis.com’, which either turns into ‘.com’ in the memory or ‘commagensis’ in the ear. And I apologise that they chose as their signature tag-line “new worlds, new dreams”. In the purely unpretentious sense, my comic does not present to the reader a new world but rather the same old one we’ve been stuck with for millions of years. The implication that Comic Genesis is either for fantasy comics or pretentious twats, depending on your reading, rankles with me. Again, I apologise. Of course, you won’t be able to read this apology any time soon.