Hey kids. It’s been a week. Thought I’d show you some love. Hope you’ve been having as much fun as I have… been.

Over on this end quite a lot has been going on. First I moved out of my flat and back in with my parents, but just for the summer. From September onwards I’m going to be living in a new place with one of my friends from University. I’m hoping to finish off another 3 strips very soon. Last Wednesday I managed to get ahead as far as… well, this Wednesday. I used up my week’s buffer packing and then dicking about on The Sims. Totally worth it. But now I’m back up against the wall and productivity must resume. Sigh.

In the future there are two big things coming up. Next month my sister is getting married — wow! And tomorrow I’m going to see Fantastic Four 2! Probably less wow!

If you search through the blog archives you can probably find my review of the last Fantastic Four film. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote but it was something like “pretty crap but enjoyably so” and something about Jessica Alba getting undressed. Seriously, she was never in-shot sans cleavage throughout that film. You find yourself paying less attention to the plot and just waiting for the twins to reappear. In any other film that would be a bad thing but in this case I think it was actually beneficial to my enjoyment of the film, in much the same way that girls I knew at the time didn’t give a shit about Star Wars: Episode 2 but wanted to see Hayden Christensen shirtless. They reported back that the film was good but when questioned as to why they could only talk about Jedi nipples. If you’re wondering if anybody fell for the weak-ass bad boy routine of slaughtering sandpeople and then whining about it afterwards wonder no more: these girls fell for it hard. God, that takes me back. So much whining. Now we know where Luke got it from.

The difference is that these girls were 16 and impressionable when that film came out. When the last Fantastic Four flick was released I believe I was taking my first stumbles into manhood but, after scorning their folly, I made the same mistake as they. Should I have recommended the first film based on hormones alone? Should I see the second? I mean, I know that any film in which Jessica fucking Alba is the most interesting and watchable cast-member is ordinarily one to avoid. But, God damn it, I recommended the last Fantastic Four based on her presence alone and I have come close to buying that bloody DVD on a number of occasions. And I know that she can’t act. Or at least I believe she can’t act. I would be able to verify this with sensory data if I were able to concentrate whilst she was on-screen.

I’m a horrible person.

Anyway, I’ll post here again after I watch the film and tell you what I thought of it. I’m

going to watch it with my friends from high school — I saw The Lord of the Rings, the X-men movies and the shitty Matrix sequels with these guys. They’re a blast to hang out with and the sheer energy and manic enthusiasm they bring to the movie-going experience is such that I have fun watching any film with them regardless of its quality. In fact, I usually end up enjoying a film seen with them more than I would have had I seen it with sane people. (Before I realised this I rented the DVDs of bad films that I had previously watched with relish amidst my friends’ infectious glee only to find the magic conspicuously missing). When silver surfers rise, there are no people I would rather laugh and cheer and laugh some more with. And maybe get a pizza afterwards.

No prizes for guessing who I’m going to see Ant-Man with.