Hey guys. Bad news — the strip’s going to be late this weekend. Hopefully, if CG is working properly again then it will be up some time Sunday.

Anyway, onto the exciting part. The reason why I’m busy this weekend is because tomorrow — July 14th — my sister is getting married! I’m really happy for her and her lovely fiance, a man who was met with open hostility upon first meeting me (I think I may have tried to murder him) but whose generosity of spirit and nobility of heart melted mine. A shared love of Lord of the Rings may have helped. Congratulations Jennifer and Evan (or Jennivan) on becoming husband and wife!

Also, the Moogles in FFXII are downright adorable. I mean, everything about that game is genuinely beautiful but the Moogles… they’re the cutest things ever. Although they seem a bit more bad-ass if you do what I do and mentally translate the word ‘kupo’ to ‘fucktard’. That’s what I think it means, kupo.