This is getting ridiculous. Spot the difference, folks, between this comic and this one.

The same basic premise in both — only one’s a lot more obvious and subsequently a lot less funny. Check the dates on those puppies, too. Don’t try to tell me Buckley doesn’t read Penny Arcade, either. Everyone reads it. My half-blind grandfather doesn’t even have the internet and he reads it. Probably. So if it is possible to more or less prove that Ctrl+Alt+Delete is a hollow facsimile of better strips, why then is CAD so successful? Because as long as morons draw breath there will always be a demand for the dumbed-down and obvious, especially if it ties in with a particular subculture such as, I don’t know, video games for instance.

If I ever start doing this — and by ‘this’ I mean either borderline plagiarism or blatant pandering — just shoot me. Hunt me down using Google Maps and shoot me.

Anyways,Wednesday’s comic is up today — on a Saturday, the day its successor is already due — so this means I’m behind by a whole update. This has happened before. Don’t worry, I shall catch up soon. That’s a promise. By the way, in two days’ time (note the use of the apostrophe, Sandra Bullock) Life on the Fourth Floor will turn two. I can’t really celebrate anniversaries the same way that comics that have updated continuously sans hiatus can, but if 54 comics represents one comic for every week of a year then I’ve created about a year and a half’s worth of material in the past two years (even if it didn’t feel like that back in ’06 during the autumn of our discontent). So expect a fair amount of crowing and strutting this Monday. Till then keep it thoroughly real my various homies.