The wedding went through without a hitch (apart from the hitching of people getting hitched). Not only was it very touching to see a lot of people I care a great deal about at their happiest but it also offered me a chance to look at my own life, at my relationships (past and present, both romantic and platonic) and rethink some of my priorities. Anyway, to commemorate the occassion I’m making a special comic for the 14th in which the happy couple have a cameo. Hope you enjoy it.

That said, at time of writing the comic isn’t ready yet. I’ve crammed in a lot of detail to make it extra-special, you see. Created a new setting from scratch (didn’t you think it a little odd that nobody ever left their apartment? Fixed). As soon as it’s done I’m going to start work on Wednesday’s instalment and then post a new podcast. So watch this space — if you come back every day of this week you will most likely be rewarded more often than not.