Today my baby brother turns 18. Today he becomes a man, a baby no more. What can I say about my brother that I didn’t say in last year’s blog post (which was also entitled ‘Birthday Time Again’)? He’s still my best friend, he’s still proof-reading most of my strips. The other week when I was stuck for a punchline for this comic he came up with it in moments. I couldn’t think of it but he could. Because my brother is smarter and funnier than I am. And he plays the freaking guitar!

I think that’s what today is about, at least for me. Acknowledging that from now on there is no shame in having a brother who is better than me at most things. He isn’t my little brother anymore. He’s just my brother — our relationship is one between equals. Or rather near-equals, since he is so much smarter than me. And he can juggle. But that’s okay.

From now on I will not resent my brother’s innate awesomeness. From now on I will embrace it. Happy 18th, bro. Mazel tov.