The new strip is up — I apologise for its lateness. I will happily accept a pay cut. For those of you who are not regular readers of Chris Hazelton’s Misfilehere’s a link. Do you see what I mean? I want to expand on a few of the points made in the strip.

  1. If you don’t know how the Welsh sound, don’t pretend to be able to simulate their speech. The Welsh accent is one of the few regional British accents in which the ‘t’ sound is not dropped from the ends of words. Although if you try to read Harry’s dialogue in any other British accent nothing seems to fit from one sentence to the next. Just terrible.
  2. Hazelton shows very little attention to detail unless the detail in question is a nipple.
  3. He cuts a lot of corners. I cut corners too — nobody can update more than once a week and not employ the odd trick to finish a little quicker than usual but repeating the same images over and over is amateur hour stuff.
  4. If Ash is in love with Emily and Vashiel is in love with Ash, that means one of them is gay. If it’s the inside that counts and Ash is still really a boy then Vashiel is gay. If it’s the outside that counts and Ash is definitely a girl that means s/he is a lesbian. So which is it?
  5. It’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Excessive car talk is too much of an unreadably shit thing.

Finally, the whole concept behind Misfile is that the file containing Ash’s data has been put in the wrong drawer, transforming him into a girl. Now, why do they have separate draws for different genders of the same species? What the hell kind of a filing system is that? If the entire universe is controlled and managed by paperwork, surely male/female designation would just be a tick-box on one page, rather than a drawer in its own right. It just seems like a stupid way of organising your paperwork. Then again, Mistick isn’t quite as catchy.

You know, I only rant because no-one seems to have called Hazelton on his shit yet. To be honest I’m just jealous — he has more readers than I have, readers who are willing to overlook glaring plot-holes and repetitive art. Where is the justice? Sigh.