Hey, there’s a new comic up. I really like this one. I like them all. But I think you’ll be able to figure out why I like this one so much. Okay, onto the readership drive. Today we’re at 152 pages/day. Nine new readers in one day! This thing is increasing exponentially — snowball style. If you haven’t tied a friend down and forced them to read this comic do it today! If you’ve already shown the comic to a friend but you still want to do your part this week then please vote for the strip onBuzzcomix. I don’t care about getting to number one, that’s not why I’m doing it — that would be shallow and unrealistic. I’m on there because the higher we climb up the list, the more people get exposed to the strip and the numbers go up. With your help, I’m positive we can reach the goal by the end of the week. Just 94 pages to go! We’re more than half way there! I’m drawing the wallpapers now.