We did it! I say we, I mean you. You did it. As of now the average number of readers to this site every day is 257. The target was 246. I can’t believe what I’m typing. My fingers are moving, I’m looking at the screen… Seven days ago I asked the readers of this comic to tell a friend about the comic and thus double our readership. And they did it. You did it. I asked you to do something and… you did it! That’s never happened before. It feels kinda nice. I’m tempted to push it and ask you to bring me an egg sandwich or, I don’t know, the head of Tim Buckley on a plate. But I won’t. For now and maybe forever this moment is enough for me.

We have gone from 123 page-views/day last week to 257 today. That’s an increase of… let me work this out… 134 pages. Wow, that can’t be right. That many? Wow. Let’s take it further.

We have gone from 99 page-views/day last month to 257 this month. That’s 158 pages. Hey, that felt good. Let’s have another.

Last month our total number of pages was 1993. That’s a lot. I was 7 in 1993. Sorry, too much maths. This month our total number of pages is… drum roll6183! And it’s not even the end of the month! That’s crazy. We have three times the readers we had before. In fact, that’s three times the readers we’ve ever had.

Give yourselves a pat on the back. You have made my week. It may seem like chicken-feed to the big-ass comics but for me this is huge. Thank-you. I believe I said something about free wallpapers. Well, I’ve drawn some and I’m working on the rest. These are going to be professional wallpapers, too. Not that dross we’ve got on the wallpapers page now. Photo shops will be employed. I’m going to do one for each character. Watch this space, more as and when yadda yadda yadda. Now would be a good time to announce, since announcements are being made, that Wednesday’s comic is going to be 10-panels long with new full-blown backgrounds and celebrity cameos. And it will be made entirely out of gold.

Okay, I lied about the gold. God, 6183. You guys are a mountain of fantastic. You know how I said we had to do 100 times better? Well now it’s, like, 40 times. Maths is fun.