Hello, everyone. I haven’t written anything in this space for a while, so I thought I’d check in.

Comics have continued to materialise here every month, so by now you know I’m not dead. Why haven’t I written a blog post recently?

Well, to answer that (and in the interest of accommodating new readers), let me give you a potted history of my blogging adventures.

When the strip first started, I used the blog posts as little diary entries, sharing little things that have happened to me and petty day-to-day annoyances.
Sometimes I would take time to comment on the latest strip (lit. explain the joke).

Then, as time went by, the posts became longer and more opinionated. I started writing reviews of this thing and that — everything from webcomics to films to TV advertisements to games — anything that I came across.

Some of these rants were full-blown essays. Together they must make up a novel’s-worth of words. Some of them are a novel’s-worth of words by themselves.

I’m very proud of some of these. Others are a bit wordy, not because I thought that was good writing at the time but simply because I didn’t have time to write them and edit them, because they were so bloody long.

Recently, and especially in the last two years, I’ve tried to focus my energies on improving the comic — the quality of the art, the quality of the writing and the frequency of updates.

When these things have all significantly improved, it may be that I will have time for other projects — and, believe me, a series of essays is a project in its own right — at which point you might see something else here in this space.
When we get to that point, of course, the first thing you will see here on the blog page is some kind of announcement about a major change to how we do things here on the Fourth Floor. Let’s wait and see when that is. I’d love to tell you when that will be but, as Jeff Goldblum will tell you, life finds a way to futz with your plans. So we’ll wait and see.

In the meantime, picture me getting up at 4:30am, drawing until it’s time to go to work, coming home and drawing until bedtime while ‘Taking Care of Business’ plays in the background.

If you miss me too much and can’t wait to hear from me, you can always start following me on Twitter. I’m on there as my handle-that-never-really-caught-on Ovenready. It seems I can either write 140 characters or 140 million words but nothing in between.

P.S. Do you know it’s been a little over a year now since I got married to my best friend and the coolest person I know (same person). That might not directly affect you, but if you’re a fan of the comic then you owe my wife a debt of thanks — without her there would be no comic. If you think I’m exaggerating, I’m not.