Wow, this is a big deal. I’ve never actually shown my face on the internet before, not so much as a photograph, so if you’ve ever wondered what I look like and what I sound like, now’s your chance.

I was interviewed for the YouTube show Attack of Opportunity. We had a lovely time talking about Terry Pratchett, PvP, unexpected Canadian/American/English culture clashes, how I got started in webcomics and geek culture, the origins of my weird Twitter handle, and all kinds of other topics. I also kept bringing up embarrassing moments from my childhood for some reason (!!!), so if you want to know my origin story, now is your chance to slake your thirst for my deep mysteries.

Go watch it and do me a favour while you’re there — leave a great big like on that video so Jeff knows how cool and awesome you are. Thank you so much for having me on the show, Jeff!