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Life on the Fourth Floor

Michael starts a new webcomic but nobody gets any of his jokes. Jack has an attack of writer's block and accidentally tells Charlotte he's in love with someone she knows.
In first comic, toaster toasts you.
Jul 24, 2005Across The Hall
Jul 26, 2005Living The Dream
Jul 27, 2005Trenchant Analysis
Jul 29, 2005Regenium
Aug 01, 2005Concurrence
Aug 05, 2005Valuable Resources
Aug 08, 2005Any Excuse
Aug 12, 2005One Perfect Man
Aug 17, 2005A Slow Day
Aug 24, 2005Jack's Idea
Aug 26, 2005Fully Qualified
Aug 31, 2005Muse

Get that Wumpa Fruit

Amy annoys Charlotte, first by singing 'My Humps' over and over, and then by comparing their sex lives. Jack, who has no sex life at all, becomes obsessed with getting 100% completion on Crash Bandicoot 2.
Apr 25, 2007Draughts, Bitch!
Apr 28, 2007Humping
May 09, 2007Wumpa Sustenance
May 12, 2007The Doctor Is In
May 16, 2007The Spell
May 26, 2007Waxing Wod
Jun 16, 2007Why Indeed
Jun 23, 2007Ass
Jun 27, 2007Diagnosis: Hernia
Jul 04, 2007The Last Muffin
Jul 11, 2007Reboot


Michael tries to persuade Jack to ask Amy out, Bob tries to order an internet bride.

Denial is Stage One

Charlotte can't decide what to get anyone for Christmas and Michael starts to go through the five stages of grief when his comic strip is criticised.
Dec 22, 2007Our Process
Dec 25, 2007Coal
Dec 26, 2007Boxing Day
Jan 02, 2008Resolute
Jan 30, 2008Creedful
Feb 27, 2008Horrible
Mar 15, 2008Breach Of Canon
Mar 19, 2008Standards
Mar 26, 2008The Stakeout
Mar 29, 2008Slidecake
Apr 01, 2008Now We Know
Apr 02, 2008Broom Broom
Apr 05, 2008Denial
Apr 09, 2008Anger
Apr 12, 2008Bargaining
Apr 16, 2008Depression
Apr 19, 2008Acceptance
Apr 23, 2008So Was The Dragon

St Michael the Secretive

Charlotte critiques Jack's book, Bob catches a cold and an argument ensues after Michael accidentally 'outs' himself as having religious beliefs.

Running Around Mashing Buttons

Amy stages an intervention for Charlotte, which prompts Charlotte to plot her revenge. When the gang play video games, Bob can't help but pick them apart.
Jul 23, 2008Still Sinister
Jul 26, 2008A Head For Profit
Jul 30, 2008Culinaricide
Aug 02, 2008Smotherly Love
Aug 09, 2008Newsprint Elegy
Aug 13, 2008Adventure Time
Aug 16, 2008Daylight Shavings
Aug 20, 2008Plan B
Aug 27, 2008The Tower of Babel
Dec 24, 2008Nogxious
Dec 25, 2008Epinog
Feb 18, 2009Baldysayswhat
Feb 25, 2009Recessexy
Mar 04, 2009Shortcomings
Mar 11, 2009Knocking The Saws
Jun 03, 2009Go Have Fun
Jul 31, 2009Kingyos Skillz
Aug 20, 2009The Second Volley
Sep 23, 2009Wong Lo Kat

My Lucky Red Top

Tensions rise when Charlotte loses her lucky red top, only to find that Amy has borrowed it. But then Amy takes it a step further than anyone expects...
Mar 27, 2010Domestos Violence
Apr 07, 2010Epic In Its Scope
Apr 21, 2010Coffee Monkey
May 19, 2010Coffee Bitch
Jun 02, 2010Off-white
Nov 16, 2010You Saw Him First
Jan 15, 2011It Is A Real Thing
Feb 14, 2011Hair Toss

Taking a Stand against Taking a Seat

Michael starts to become concerned about Bob's lifestyle and enlists the help of the rest of the gang to help him persuade Bob to get out of his chair.
May 15, 2011Fiendishly Simple
Aug 15, 2011Waistage
Oct 15, 2011Stands To Reason
Dec 15, 2011A Loyal Minion
Feb 15, 2012Fan-bloody-tastic
Jun 15, 2012Hai-eight-us
Jul 15, 2012Pierced Baby
Aug 15, 2012Infodump
Sep 15, 2012Emergency Stop
Oct 15, 2012Vestigial Windpipe

Dating Buddies

An old friend of Shivani's comes to visit and disaster strikes when Charlotte and Michael make a pact to find a date by the end of the week.
Dec 15, 2012Call in the Hit
Feb 15, 2013Friends Reunited
May 15, 2013The Treasure Trove
Jun 15, 2013The Death Cloud
Jul 15, 2013The Stop Gap
Aug 15, 2013Known Quantity
Sep 15, 2013Melon Cute
Oct 15, 2013Ishful Thinking
Jan 15, 2014Natural Abilities
Feb 15, 2014Abort Codes
Apr 15, 2014Tonight's Agenda
May 15, 2014Emergency Supplies
Jun 15, 2014The Old Switcheroo
Aug 15, 2014One Downmanship
Nov 15, 2014Linear Reasoning
Dec 15, 2014Graphasia

Failing the Bechdel Test

This raises a serious question about where that piercing is.
Jan 15, 2015Firsts
Mar 15, 2015Where Good Cows Go
Apr 15, 2015Rock Bottom
May 15, 2015Norse Code
Jun 15, 2015Ravening Hordes
Jul 15, 2015Not Biting Today
Sep 15, 2015Unknown Quantity
Jan 15, 2016Crash Diet
Feb 15, 2016Healthy Priorities
Mar 15, 2016Canxiety
May 15, 2016A Complex Problem
Jul 15, 2016A Vlog Masterclass
Sep 15, 2016Third Act Problems
Oct 15, 2016Jack Reflects
Nov 15, 2016A Queue Forms
Dec 15, 2016Indie Fatigable
Jan 15, 2017Indie Cipherable
Apr 01, 2017Project Fear
Apr 15, 2017Dampened Spirits
May 01, 2017The Normal One
May 15, 2017Raising Awareness
Jun 15, 2017Sub-subculture

Crisis of Dissonant Shirts: Part One

Jack becomes melancholy when Amy criticises his dress sense. Meanwhile, Amy makes Charlotte go on a shopping trip with her.
Jul 15, 2017Moonbase Alpha
Aug 01, 2017Meat Feast
Aug 15, 2017The Debt Transfers
Sep 01, 2017Beep Beep Beep
Oct 01, 2017How Reassuring
Nov 15, 2017Out of Her System
Dec 01, 2017Representative
Jan 01, 2018Zero Risk
Jan 15, 2018Magic Feather
Feb 15, 2018Are Hats Cool?
Apr 01, 2018Makeover
Apr 15, 2018Oh No He Didn't
May 01, 2018She's All Hat
May 15, 2018Time to Say Aloha
Jun 15, 2018Unidirectional
Jul 15, 2018Redress Shopping
Aug 01, 2018Magical Weak Spot
Aug 15, 2018Spoke too Soon

Crisis of Dissonant Shirts: Part Two

Sep 15, 2018Cold Reading
Oct 15, 2018Fear and Clothing
Nov 01, 2018Rescue Mission
Dec 01, 2018Get Slizzard
Dec 15, 2018Noughties but Nice
Jan 01, 2019Nautical but Nice
Feb 15, 2019An Exclusive Event
Mar 01, 2019Lumberjack
Apr 01, 2019First Time Out
Apr 15, 2019A Good Fit
May 01, 2019Demographic Shift
May 15, 2019Attention Economy
Jun 01, 2019Straight Talking
Sep 15, 2019Crisis Over
Oct 01, 2019Last Call
Oct 15, 2019What a Night


Aug 15, 2021Relationship Goals
Nov 01, 2021Re: Heat
Jan 01, 2022Known Knowns
Aug 15, 2022He Said What?!