The Writer
Jack is impulsive and self-assured. He goes after what he wants, unafraid of failure, he fails, he tries again, he keeps failing. He’s currently writing an epic fantasy/horror/science-fiction/romance novel and failing at that, too. Just try telling him that. Jack is a great example of the difference between intelligence and wisdom, possessing a lot of the former and none of the latter.


The Critic
Charlotte is a huge pop culture geek and loves to pick apart movies, TV and games on her online video series. She’s always willing to help her friends with advice on how they can improve. Charlotte believes in fairness, equality and that people should just be themselves. She’s not very confident in social situations and she tends to overthink things, which sometimes gets her into trouble.


The Cartoonist
Michael is level-headed and loyal, and therefore cursed with always being the sanest man the room. When his friends are in trouble, he’ll come to the rescue, even if he has to screw himself over in the process. Sometimes his friends just need to be told they’re acting like idiots, and he’ll do that too. In the kindest way possible, of course.


The Slob
Bob never washes up or tidies up. In fact, he doesn’t even get up. The last time he got out of his chair was when he moved in. He’ll still do some things for himself, at least until he can persuade the guy who delivers his pizza to flush the toilet for him. He’s friendly, but everything he knows about polite behaviour he learnt from spending his time arguing with people on the internet, which is to say nothing.


The Confidant
Shivani is sophisticated, she’s seen the world, she’s had her heart broken a few times and now she’s got everything pretty much figured out, which is good news for the others because it means she can give them all the advice they need to become better people.


The Diva
Amy is as charismatic and spoiled as she is sadistic and manipulative. She is superficial, insincere, aggressively competitive and narcissistic to the point of pathology. If you told her any of these things she would take it as a compliment.