Michael and Charlotte are continuing their conversation at cross purposes from the previous page.

This page is page six of an ongoing storyline called Backhanded.

For even more context, read the storyline that just finished or even the storyline before that.

And, as you can see, I have tweaked the design for Jack, Michael and Bob’s flat/apartment (whatever you want to call it). It’s a kind of exposed brick industrial conversion type vibe. I always had the idea from the start that their living space would have a green colour scheme. Sadly, this manifested itself as green walls, green floor and a green couch. I was sixteen. Young artists starting art projects take note: this is not a good colour scheme any more than the KFC doubledown is a good sandwich. It’s just a hot mess.

So yeah now it actually has something like an actual colour scheme and a coherent aesthetic. Let’s say they redecorated and leave it at that. I may go back to older comics and retcon it so that they have this background because, y’know, this is how it was always supposed to look. I just couldn’t realise it until now.

Redesigning backgrounds takes a lot of time but it takes even more time when part of your tablet just breaks. I have not had the best luck recently when it comes to making comics. But I’m righting the ship, and another update will be on its way soon.

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