This page probably doesn’t make a lot of sense by itself, read this story from the beginning. Just remember to unwind a ball of string behind you as you go so you don’t get lost.

So here’s a fun way to introduce a new player character to a roleplaying group, either following a PC death or a new player joining the group; introduce them not as a strange adventurer wandering through the setting in much the same way as the party. Have them already be immersed in the setting of the game, playing a pivotal role in the local politics or perosnally witnessing a part of the story the other players only heard about. In other words, introduce your player characters the same way you introduce your NPCs. Of course, Michael is limited in what he can do by the very specific vision Amy has for her character, Ariana Venti. And we’ll find out more about that next time, as well as what Charlotte makes of all this.

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