I might be using “minotaur” here a little liberally. I tend to reskin on the fly and get all avant-garde with my monster descriptions. I mean, technically, there is only one minotaur, the offspring of the sacred bull King Minos failed to sacrifice. So if I can overlook that fact maybe you could overlook me using ‘minotaurs’ as an umbrella term for goat men, sheep men, antellope men, whatever — I just went nuts with it. Had a lot of fun drawing those guys. And, because it was important to my creative process, I rolled five d4s to see how many minotaurs were summoned. Sorry, ladies, I’m spoken for.

If you’re reading this and saying “What am I even looking at, what is going on,” it’s probably because we’re ramping up to the endgame of a little storyline that starts here and you haven’t read the previous pages. Rookie mistake. Read the whole damn thing from the start and then you’ll get it. I’ll wait.

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