Ladies and gentlemen, today is an exciting day indeed. The previous storyline has now officially drawn to a close and a new two-part storyline is about to start: Crisis of Dissonant Shirts! When you read, I want you to imagine that Life on the Fourth Floor is a sitcom and each one of these chapters is a 30-minute episode. This page and the one that follows it on the 15th July jointly make up the short sequence that precedes the show’s opening credits. So grab a hot drink, settle down in your chair, let the theme music wash over you and enjoy thirty minutes of character-driven farce.

In other news, I have slightly revised the character models, we are now applying modest amounts of shading every week and from now on coloured line art. I really like the effect of these new changes. When I look at the above page, it feels a little strange. In a good way, I mean. You have to understand, when I’m writing the scripts or just thinking about the comic, I can see a fully animated film of the characters and their lives in my head. This new artwork looks like still screenshots from that film. Or, at the very least, the closest we’ve ever come.

This is how the film always looked. I just wasn’t good enough at drawing to show you before.