I really did get addicted to Ninja Ropes. It was severe. In fact, the only thing stopping me from getting addicted to Ninja Ropes again is my resolve, renewed daily, to not allow myself to play Ninja Ropes.

I don’t think I suffer from Depression with a capital ‘D’, but I have been little-‘d’ depressed, like after a break-up or getting fired from a job (the many times that’s happened). And, yeah, at those times it’s easy to wake up at 11am, do something mind-numbingly repetitive for a little while, check the clock and realise it says 12 o’ clock but it’s also dark outside now, and it’s midnight now and you’re hungry.

Maybe that’s just me. At the best of times (and my life right now certainly qualifies as the best of times) I have a weird tendency to get obsessed with unusual things and I feel a strange compulsions to, for example, play Spider Solitaire for four hours straight whilst forgetting to eat. But remember, the same itchy obsession brain allows me to spend ten years crafting a graphic novel one hand-drawn page at a time. Whilst forgetting to eat.

This is the first mention of – ahem – ulfdraugar in the comic, but not the last.