It’s a flashback to the noughties! Here’s something we’ve never seen before, Charlotte and Amy at 18, 19 and 20 years old! Remember going out tops? And gypsy skirts? And pixie cuts? And layered fringes? And chunky belts? And tops that left just one shoulder exposed for some reason? I sure as Hell didn’t, so I actually had to do a lot of research to get these outfits period-accurate. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference between “nostalgic” fashions from a few years ago and modern fashion. I’m dad now, I have no idea what’s cool. Are chokers still a thing?

Now that we’ve seen what going out somewhere with Amy can be like, Charlotte’s reaction last time makes a little more sense. But the antics don’t end there! This is actually the first part of a two-page montage, so in the new year on January 1st we’ll see what else Amy got up to and we can watch them become more and more like their modern-day selves. I’m like the Ghost of Christmas Past. The best of the season to you and a Happy New Year. I love you all.