What’s this?! Bob is in love with Charlotte?! Where’s this going to go? Spoiler warning: not where you might expect but nowhere good.

This new storyline is one I am very proud of. I said that about the last one, and it was also true then, but this time it’s especially true. Let me preface my next comments by reminding you that I am a naturally quite self-deprecating person, and chronically insecure about my art, which makes self-promotion and selling myself an excruciating experience. I was made in the “Hey, I drew this crap, check it out I guess” mold. I would never be so arrogant as to assume you would like something I made. Never! So remember that I feel weird and awkward when my own trumpet is to be blown, I don’t like doing it. Keep that in mind when I tell you that this storyline is my favourite thing I have ever written, my funniest script to date, and that when I wrote it it just felt right like — yeah, this is the stuff, this is what I was trying to do when I first started this webcomic all those years ago. This is a script that felt like Fourth Floor to me. The Fourthiest Flooriest episode yet. I hope you really enjoy it, because I know I had a blast writing it.

Hold onto your butts!

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