Continued from Part One. Well, here’s something I never thought I’d have to draw: hordes of Amies descending on the Lone Warrior. Or is that ‘Amys’? Either way, the word looks wrong.

So good to see LW again, though. He’s looking well. Wow, this is his first appearance in something like nine years. That’s a blast from the past and no mistake.

How to Art

Massive fight scenes are not something I normally have to draw. The hardest part for me was giving the picture a sense of energy and movement when it was just one moment of a larger battle. I’ve posed all the characters in wide-legged action-y stances, and I’ve tried to use things like the curve of Amy’s hair and the line described by the sword slicing to give the picture some flow.

I was also worried about the scene being too busy, so I broke the scene down into a main ‘hero’ Amy versus the Lone Warrior, both taking prominence. Then I drew a less obtrusive horde in the background and gave them a more muted colour scheme and framed it with some larger attackers in the foreground viewed from behind with a darker colour scheme.

I think the end result turned out pretty well considering I’ve never drawn anything like this before.

The takeaway is, I suppose, keep pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory. You can surprise yourself with what you can do outside your comfort zone.