Jack has noticed something. Bob thinks he’s talking about something else. Buckle up, everyone.

So I’m going to keep cranking out comic pages, it’s what I do. This week I am also overhauling and modernising my webiste, which is long overdue. So you may notice some weirdness around here over the next few days.

My hand was forced by my whole site breaking:

And that coincided with me pouring my heart out about my (possible?) experiences with ADHD. You know, I write all this stuff about how I need to take things at my own pace, and try to avoid stress. I mean, I’m coming off my anti-axiety meds because I’m worried they might be making my disinhibition worse. I need to cultivate a chill vibe in casa del Bishop. And then I find I can’t upload the confessional blog post because my whole website is screwed sideways.

So now I have a functional site and a new webhost, I just need to update the site, and juggle doing that and drawing new pages. Wish me luck!