So, there we have it. The end of the campaign. And I think we all learned some lessons along the way. This story arc started in November 2019. One year, seven months and two weeks. I spent most of that time, the vast majority, quarantining with my family. I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed drawing my characters as characters in a fantasy setting. The magic, the monsters, the brutal immolations. It’s been fun to experiment, to try and push my art and writing out of my comfort zone. And it’s been great to take my favourite pastime, the comic, and combine it one of my next favourite pastimes, pen and paper roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and, yes, Labyrinth Lord its superior iteration.

I want to say thank you to you, the readers, for coming with me on this journey. Thank you to long-time fans for indulging me during this unusual detour and welcome to new readers, especially members of the TTRPG community, who jumped on board during this adventure. You’ve been here with me during one of the weirdest and most difficult years of my life and I like to think that in my small way I’ve been there for you, somewhere you could go to get away from a difficult time and gain some much-needed levity and respite.

Whether you’re an old fan or a new one, I hope you stick around and see what we’ve got coming up in the next storyline. Although the fantasy adventure may be at an end, I’m going to keep pushing the art and writing into new areas. This next chapter is my favourite thing I have ever written and I can’t wait to share it with you next month.

I want to say a final word of thanks to Dice Fall and Everybody Dies, who began supporting the comic on Patreon last year. It might sound silly, but your monthly donation has made all the difference to me. That token of support has given me a boost in confidence and buoyed me up through dark stormy seas. It seem like a small amount to some but not to me.