Be careful when crossing the road, folks. Yes, as you will already be aware if you follow me on Twitter, I got ploughed into by a big ol’ SUV and broke my everything.

Okay, seriously, I just broke my right arm and sprained, cut and bruised a load of other bits. I’m going to have some gnarly scars in the future, but otherwise I’m healing well and I’ll be back to normal in about four weeks… ish.

However, in the meantime I’m taking these painkillers which make me really sleepy (lit. high) during the day and despite that I’m not actually sleeping well at night because borken arm is owie, and work is busy too. So yeah I’m finding myself stretched thin and tired, and no able to use my free time as economically as I normally can. Physiotherapy and appointments and sleep deprivation… it’s all adding up. I’m trying to get stuff done but it’s hard, dude. It’s super hard at the minute.

So all this means is that the next page of the comic is going to be live soon but not at the regularly schedule time of 12pm GMT on the 15th of the month. It’s going to take a few days more. Follow me on Twitter why don’t you, I always announce each new update as soon as it happens on my Twitter feed. I hate missing the update schedule, self-imposed though it may be, it just really bugs me, like nails on a blackboard. But this time it can’t be helped. I’ve got to look after myself a little and take it easy. Regularly schedule content will resume soon.

Love you guys!

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