Welcome, new reader!

Life on the Fourth Floor is a comic book. Not the kind where superheroes punch things, but that would be awesome.

It’s more like a TV sitcom that you read.

As such, it’s divided up into self-contained episodes. They’re called chapters because, y’know, comic book. But, unlike a book, you don’t have to start at the first chapter, just like you don’t have to start every TV show with the pilot.

Go to the chapter archive and pick a place to jump in.

Click here to start at the beginning. Season one, episode one, the pilot episode, original airdate July 2005 (the cartoonist was 18).

If you like the look of the recent updates but you think the earlier ones look like butt, you might want to just start where the art gets good (did I need a comma after “butt”?).

If you’ve never read a webcomic before, let’s give you a rundown of basic archive navigation:

As a temporary measure to help the cartoonist cope with his recently chaotic life (new job, new house, new baby in that order) the comic updates on the 15th of every month. That WILL change very soon. To find out when, follow the cartoonist on Twitter and keep checking the site regularly.